Study Guide for Quiz


Task 1- "Out to Lunch" Read Aloud
Task 2-

Task 1- Theme Notes—.

Homework: - To help you see how a character can change read " A Bad Road for Cats".

Station 1- Vocabulary
Station 2- "Live Like You Were Dying" Glogster--Making Connections
Station 3- Figurative Language




May 6, 2010
Day 2


Task 3-How do I put the Works Cited on one slide in the moviemaker?
1. save the all the entries of the Works Cited in one Word Document
2. copy and paste it into a powerpoint slide (Make sure it is in ABC order).
3. save the powerpoint slide as a JPEG.
4. Go to the moviemaker and click import picture
5. Find the document (it should be saved to your H Drive under SUJ photos) and import it to the moviemaker.
6, Click and drag into the moviemaker.

Quick moviemaker tutorial. Also, view Mrs. Arnold’s website for music and tips.
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April 21, 2010

Today we will be choosing books for the second literature circle unit: "Stirring Up Justice."

Please view the book talks found on Mrs. Arnold's wiki Kisses and Disses and pick your top three choices. Pick your three choices and have a parent write a note stating you are allowed to read the books you picked. This is due tomorrow, Thursday April 22nd.

April 20, 2010
PSSA testing

April 19, 2010

Work Time: -

Part 2- View proposed rubric for the project and answer the following question


What is a call to action?
How is it different than a closure?

Task 1- How can I create a call to action?

View video links on this document: