Missouri Compromise
  • Missouri admitted slave state
  • Maine Admitted as a free state
  • The Missouri Compromise line at 36 degrees and 30 (southern boundary of Missouri west) is drawn
  • any new territory of the north of MO compromise line is free
  • any new territory of the south of MO compromise line is slave

Compromise was made by senator Henry Clay of Kentucky

Avoid Break up of Union over the balance of power in the Senate. Both free and Slave States remain even in the Senate.

Trail of tears
  • Indian removal act of 1830 forces all Indian tribes living east of the Mississippi (Oklahoma becomes Indian Territory)
  • Some tribes voluntarily move
  • Cherokee, choctaw, creek and seminole are forced to move throughout the 1830
  • Approximately ΒΌ of all Natives die on route due to disease and starvation

War for Texas Independence
  • American settlers were invited to settle in Mexican Texas in the early 1820's
  • By 1834, Mexico's Dictator Santa Anna passed laws limiting rights throughout Mexico
  • Texans (mostly American settlers in Texas) rebelled and declared independence
  • Santa Anna led troops into Texas
  • Many Americans fought with the Texans

The Alamo
  • February-March, 1836
  • A Mission and fort in San Antonio, Texas
  • 13 day siege by Santa Anna (Mexican Dictator-General)
  • All Texans and Americans were killed inside The Alamo
  • Those killed included famous Americans Davy Crockett, William Travis, and Jim Bowie

The phrase REMEMBER THE ALAMO!!! is a war cry
  • War ends in April, 1836 when Texan Sam Houston defeats and captured Santa Anna at the Battle of San Jacinto
  • Texas gains its independence from Mexico & becomes The Lone Star Republic

The Mexican War
James K. Polk accomplishes Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny
The idea and belief that the United States was "destined", or had a right, to expand across North America regardless of who or what shood in the way.

James K. Polk & Mexican War
  • President from 1844-1848
  • 2 primary goals:
    • Settle Oregon territory dispute with Britain
      • 54/40 or Fight!!!
    • Annex Texas--Accept Texas as a State
      • This would most likely start a war with Mexico

Polk accomplished both goals in his 1 term as President.
1) Polk compromised with Britain and accepted the border in Oregon to be at the 49th parallel (instead of 54th parallel)

2)Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended the Mexican War giving the U.S. western territories to the Pacific.

Uncle Tom's cabin--1852

~Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel about the cruel treatment of slaves
Best seller in the North showed people the cruality of slavery

Kansas-Nabraska Act of 1854

1) The territory north of the Missouri Compromise line (36 30 latitude) was organized into Kansas and Nebraska in order to get transcontinental railroad through the Pasific
2) The only way to the south would support the transcontinental Railroad was to erase the Missori Compromise line and allow people to decide if the new territories would be slave or not
~Steven Douglas's Railroad did not go through the south so the south wanted a comprimise if they wanted the railroad. The south said they had to get rid of the Missouri comprimise line and the line was wiped out.
~This opens the door of slavery to the new western territories.

Kansas Nebraska Act 1854

~Kansas became a battleground between pro-slavery forces and anti-slavery forces because of its location near the pro slavery state Missouri

Kansas- Nebraska Act into Bleeding Kansas

~Boarder Ruffians--pro slavery settlers from Missouri rode into Kansas to intimidate anti-slavery settlers.

Kansas-Nebraska act into bleeding Kansas

~Pottawatomie Massacre--Abolitionist John Brown led a massacre of Pro-Slavery settlers
~Bleeding Kansas--a mini Civil War in kansas between pro and anti Slavery forces that lasted 1856 to 1858.
~Previewed the violence of the American Civil War

Dred Scott Supreme Court Decision 1857


~Dred Scott was a slave whose master moved into the northern States of Illinois and Wisconsin

~After the death of his master and a move back to Missouri Dred Scott sued for his Freedom

Decision of 1857

~Declared that Dred had no right to sue
~Declared that all slaves are not protected by the constitution
~Declared that the U.S had no right to ban slavery in the United States since slaves were property