Civil War Images

  1. Find a Civil War era photograph or drawing from any of the sites below that in some way match your diary/letter entry
  2. Open photograph--Right click and save image as to your Directory
  3. Go to the hmshistory Flickr photostream (link below)
  4. Sign in with the information below
  5. Upload your Civil War image
  6. Provide a brief description
  7. After the description is created; Tag the photo-- Civil_War

If you cannot find an appropriate photograph or drawing from the sites below let me know by commenting on the Discussion tab of this page.

Flickr-hmshistory Photostream

19th Century African-American Images
American Memory Civil War Photographs
Original Civil War Photographs
Flickr Library of Congress Civil War Faces set
Flickr New York Public Library Civil War Era Photographs and Drawings
Civil War Photos