Life was difficult for everyone during the Civil War
Prove it by finding real examples of difficulty that real people went through during the War. Use the links to search Civil War letters and diaries to find these examples.

In a Google Doc or notebook collect 3 summaries of how the war made life difficult for people. Examples can include soldiers life (non-battle examples), home life, women, African-Americans, children, etc...

Each summary needs to include:
  • Summarize how life was made difficult by War (~2-5 sentences)
  • In the summary Include relevant names, locations, and specific incidents that prove the War made life difficult
  • Under summary write the source of your information so it is easy to refind.

Valley of the Shadow Project--University of Virginia
American Civil War Collection of the Etext Center at the University of Virginia
Primary Sources: Civil War Effects--Kentucky Education Television website collection of Civil War primary sources