Timeline of Constitutional Convention
Should slaves be counted in the census to determine representation in the House of Representatives?
  • Northern States have outlawed slavery so it would unfairly give Southern (slave) States an advantage in the House since they have slaves.
  • Southern slaves States could then vote to expand slavery
  • Its not like actual slaves are given any rights if they are counted
  • Slaves are people and should be counted.
  • Slaves add to the wealth and economy of the States so they should not be ignored.

3/5th Compromise
3 out of every 5 slaves would be counted to determine representation in the House of Representatives.

How should each State be represented in the new legislature?
Large States (Virginia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York)
Virginia Plan--representation based on population

Small States (all other states)
New Jersey Plan--equal representation from each State in the legislature

Great Compromise
2 House legislatature
  1. House of Representatives (based on population of State)
  2. Senate (equal representation--2 Senators/State)

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National Archives
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Questions that need to be answered on back of baseball card:
1. What state was he from and was his state large or small in population?
2. What were his qualifications to represent his state (had he been a representative in congress)?
3. When was he born and when did he die?
4. Was his state in the North or South?
5. In what ways was he involved with Patriot causes before the Constitutional Convention?
6. What was his profession (job/occupation)?
7. What did he do during the Convention - (any committees , made proposals, wrote parts of it)
8. In what ways did he serve the United States after the Constitutional Convention?
9. Did he sign the Constitution?