Debate This!!! provides an opportunity for you to debate a controversial historical issue. This provides you an opportunity to do a focused, critical investigation into a specific historical controversy.

The purpose of Debate This!!! is to persuade others of a point of view using factual and logical argument.

You will be writing from your perspective.

Write for your classmates, Mr. Titzel, and possibly other people who would view our Debate This!!! wiki.

Write a persuasive paragraph, or multiple paragraphs, arguing a specific Pro or Con point using factual and/or logical evidence. Write a paragraph, or multi-paragraph rebuttal to an opposing argument.

  • Factual evidence and/or logical arguments effectively support your viewpoint (12 points total--6 points for opening and 6 points for rebuttal)
  • Writing is organized and is easy to understand (6 points--3 points for opening and 3 points for rebuttal)
  • No capital, end mark, or spelling errors (4 points--2 points for opening and 2 points for rebuttal)

  1. Read the Debate statement carefully to understand the viewpoints (Pro and Con).
  2. Read the provided research to understand the issues from multiple perspectives.
  3. Choose an argument to support your side (Pro or Con).--Be sure to coordinate with the other two debaters on your side
  4. Research to determine factual or logical evidence that could be used to support your argument.
  5. Write your paragraph, or multiple paragraphs, and read out load to determine errors and improvements.
  6. Share with the other debaters on your side and peer edit each others writing to be sure the writing is in line with the FCA's.
  7. Post your argument on the wiki page linked to the Debate This!!! page.
Post using the following format:

Dogs are better than cats because they are more social (Argument is written above your paragraph and is in bold)

The paragraph is written below the argument and is written using all the default settings (normal and black). At the end of your written paragraph, or multiple paragraphs, you should place a line break to separate your argument from the next argument.